Thursday, 23 August 2012

Civil Partnership Card

As is it really getting into wedding season this is a commissioned card, I was asked to do it in just ivory and black with a hint of silver.

I have sweated over making this card as you know when you just about finish making it and an annoying mark appears out of no where!!!  so I had to re do it all again.  

I have used Ivory Linen and a matching Ivory box with black tissue paper, the flowers are all hand shaped and made, the embellishments are all hand made to well, stuck together!  The sentiment I have done on the PC with the requested text, finished with a ribbon, decorative pins, and diamontes.

This card took 7 sheets of card to make it is A4 in size it has so many layers on it I am worried whether it will remain standing! 

Thanks for looking 



  1. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL .... very very elegant.
    You made the flowers ?!!!
    clap clap clap :0)
    WHAT are the centres - are they brads ?

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments they are very much appreciated!
      the centre of my flowers are made up of spacers and rhinestones (on this one) or brads either work. I have to put the centre in myself but I prefer this as if you want a different colour centre to match your card then you can. They were from the hobbyhouse.