Monday, 1 October 2012

Male Cards Arggggh!!!

Morning all 

I have a Male Card this morning, and believe me I cannot make them very at all, I so love sparkly things and really you cannot put all the lovely embellishments on a male card, I am looking for some new charms so hope to have them soon.

I normally try and buy a card if is for a male relative I know BUY a card which I hate doing but some of my family are really difficult to find the right thing!

So here it is, I have printed a quality image of a formula one car and then just mounted it onto some black and silver card. I then decided as this was not very interesting to put an acetate dome on the front but make it a square one instead of a round one so it would fold flat to put in an envelope for posting.

Added 2 shades of ribbon to tie in the colour scheme, added the sentiment text in 3 different fonts just so it was a little different and hey presto.  I have even personalised the insert by fading the image of the formula one car inside, this fits the whole of the insert rather than just a small picture which has been faded into the background!

hope you like it, I have my mums anniversary card to do this week so will be posting that soon please do pop back to see it.



  1. fab card great idea how you have used the accetet x

  2. YES I know the feeling Mel ! I'm just the same - I really hate making men's cards too ! But I really like this idea with acetate, it's just something a bit different isn't it ? Might have to " pinch " this idea !!! :0)